Uninorte Engineering Building Receives FIABCI Award
Publicado en: mié, 15 abr 2015 14:53:00 -0500

The Engineering Building at Universidad del Norte was honored with the Distinguished Properties Prize 2014, in the special projects category, at a ceremony that took place on November 26th, 2014 at the Bogotá Gun Club.   

According to the judges, Universidad del Norte received the award for its outstanding dynamic use of the Engineering Building. Its 10.500 meters of space house an archeological museum, technology and engineering labs, doctoral, masters and undergraduate classrooms, two auditoriums and numerous offices.  The construction also allows for views of the well maintained green spaces on campus and its surroundings.

According to Carla Fernández, Director of University Planning and manager of the construction project, this recognizes the state-of-the-art Engineering Building because of its forward thinking design and its focus on environmental sustainability.

¨Since opening its doors in 2013 the building has allowed for interactive academic instruction, with creative and practical working spaces, based upon the highest standards of quality without overlooking comfort, accessibility and lighting,¨ stated Fernández.

Every year, FIABCI evaluates and awards the efforts of Colombian companies that contribute to the standard of living of the community, respect for the environment and just business practices through their construction projects. The Distinguished Properties Prize motivates the most renowned real-estate agencies, property developers and social interest agencies.
The main prize was received by the Mall Plaza El Castillo project, a shopping mall in Cartagena that now stands on what used to be housing projects, many of which served as points of illegal drug sales. The QBO building in Bogota´s Parque 93 won in the Offices Category. Overall, 23 architectural works were nominated for this award. 

About the Engineering Building

Some of its more noteworthy sustainable design characteristics include a double skin façade that reduces the impact of the sun and overheating. This in turn decreases the amount of electricity consumed by the cooling system. At the same time, the building is able to take advantage of air condensation and use it for watering and sanitary use which allows for less water consumption.

"This building demonstrates how modern architecture should be in the tropics. Great attention was put into the esthetic features and appearance which express a connection to the local climate," guaranteed Carlos Andrés Betancur, Director of OPUS Firm and design leader of the building that was inaugurated in 2013.  

The main award was given to The Mall Plaza El Castillo, at Cartagena, a shopping center that displaced drugs outlets and housing projects in deplorable conditions. The QBO building at 93th street Park in Bogotá also won in the ‘Office' category. 23 other architectural works were nominees.

About the Building

Besides its sustainable design feature, the building  counts with what is called ‘double skin', which helps to prevent the overheating of the builing due to the high outside temperatures, this reduces its energetic consumption of the air conditioning. The building also reuses a great amount of water use in watering and sanitary services due to the air condensation.

"This building shows how the contemporary architecture must work in the tropics. It concerns a lot about articulate its aesthetic features and its relationship with the local weather", said Carlos Andrés Betancurt, project manager of OPUS, firm responsible for the design of the building which opened its doors in 2013.