Uninorte, the First University to Enter List of Top Places to Work in the Country.
Publicado en: mar, 17 mar 2015 14:18:00 -0500

With an index score of 82.6% in work environment Universidad del Norte ranks amongst the top 16 best businesses, with more than 500 employees, to work in Colombia, according to an organizational climate survey carried out by the Great Place to Work Institute. Trust, camaraderie and pride were the categories that were evaluated and positioned the University to become the first one in the country to appear on the list.

The year the list is headed up by Aseguradora Solidaria de Colombia Entidad Cooperativa. Some others that made the list were well known companies such as Telefónica - Movistar, Falabella de Colombia, Grupo Éxito, Pacific Rubiales Energy, DirecTV Colombia. The results were published today in Portafolio. 

The Great Place to Work Institute is an American consulting and analytical firm that was founded in 1992 and has more than 20 offices worldwide. Specializing in workplace transformation and organizational culture within companies, the Institute is responsible for the "Best Companies to Work For" list, which has become a reference guide for identifying the best employers in a country.  

The Institute has developed a model of workplace understanding that focuses on three domains of trust that inspire leadership in the company taking into account credibility, respect and fairness, camaraderie within the work group, and pride within work teams and the company as a whole. 

"The good perception that employees have regarding vital matters such as leadership styles, human value, freedom from favoritism, openness to share ideas, solidarity, work environment, kindness in the workplace and organizational pride, are all aspects that are deeply rooted in the work behaviors and performance demonstrated, " commented the Institute of Uninorte.  
This was confirmed after 932 University workers, made up of full time and adjunct professors and administrative and support staff, participated in a web based Likert Scale survey with a 95% reliability rate. 

"In August of this year we did the surveying. Workers who filled out the questionnaire represented all areas of the University and were selected by the Institute through an employee database," explained Beatriz Vergara, Director of Human Resources.

The results made it very clear, from a workplace environment perspective, the presence of a well-established organizational culture.  In fact, out of the five Colombian higher education institutions that were measured by the firm, only Uninorte made it into the 16 best companies to work for in the country. 204 companies that have more than 500 employees were surveyed during the last 27 months. 

"For us, it is of great importance and commitment to continue to strive towards strengthening our organizational climate through action plans that will lead us to better the variables of credibility, respect, fairness, camaraderie and pride, to guarantee a sense of belonging and commitment that exemplify the members of the University, " expressed Jesús Ferro Bayona, Rector of Uninorte.  

The main strengths of the University mentioned by the study are principally focused on the availability of those in leadership positions, the competence of those who coordinate work, the willingness of employees to work, trust amongst colleagues, incentives provided and how worker ideas and suggestions are responded to.   

"The culture of the University has always been one where the value given to the worker as a human is above all else, where leaders direct their team members to accomplish their work plan. We try to match those plans up with their personal goals as a worker. This has been the work of many years lead by the rector, and his well-defined work style, which has permeated throughout the entire University," affirmed Vergara.